Imagine what our society and world could BECOME if every individual, family and community was happy, healthy and flourishing. It’s possible! We would love to be your partner in creating a socially just world. Let’s connect and see what we can BECOME together!

We Can
Transform Our
Reality Together.
BECOME is an innovative community transformation organization that boldly facilitates authentic grassroots community leadership and co-creates strategies and solutions to help communities actualize their collective liberation.
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We work at the intersection of Relationship, Research, and Restoration

BECOME developed our 5-year Strategic Plan (2022-2027) with the intention to refine and expand our movement building and community transformation work in the community. We share our vision towards a social transformation offering actualization, liberation and abundance for the communities we serve. At our core, we believe that authentic relationship building with impactful coalitions, organizations, institutions and community members will be the key to unlock change.

Community - Driven Systems Design

Developing a new system is a complex and emotionally laden endeavor requiring strategy, diverse stakeholder input and buy-in, historical and contextual knowledge, logic, research, and principled decision-making. Our systems focus is rooted in Culturally Responsive Practice. Our model is designed to engage community, including those most difficult to reach. We ground our efforts in community and collective wisdom, facilitating processes that unearth solutions that the collective develops. With an evaluation focus as well, we track what works and what does not, helping to shape solutions and ensure that interventions and systems are effective. We are committed to actualization, liberation, and abundance for communities, especially those who have been placed at the margins.

What Our Partners Say

“FFHC and BECOME have connected to promote a cause and share a common purpose and set of values while surrendering their organizational egos. This kind of partnering is not possible unless one has the amazing good fortune to work with a trusted partner like BECOME.”

-Dr. Kirk E. Harris, MPA, JD, PhD, Esq.
Fathers, Families and Healthy Communities

“BECOME has given our youth a voice.”

– Jocelyn Jones
 Executive Director
The Ark of St. Sabina

“BECOME evaluated the effectiveness of our 21st Century Community Learning Centers across Chicago. They were extremely professional and conducted a scientifically rigorous evaluation of our programs to help us discover our strengths, areas needing improvement as well as our impact on youth and families. They translated the data in a meaningful way to different constituents by ‘speaking their language’ with the organization overall, club staff members, teachers and principals, and community members. We trusted BECOME with this work and it allowed us to do what we do best … provide great programs for youth and their families.”
        – Janet Soto
        Club Operations Grants Manager
        Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago



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