Becoming Change Makers: Healing and Wholeness

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Welcome to the Becoming Change Makers Newsletter! To recap the previous newsletter, “Becoming Change Makers: The Exquisite Path to Leadership and Liberation for Women of Color” is a transformational guide to finding our way through the unprecedented times we are living in. This book offers a path for us to step into creating a new world.

Let’s talk about the 1st Section of the book, Healing and Wholeness. This section will feature the following topics: Trauma and Resilience, Healing, Self-Love and Findings One’s Authentic Voice, and Leadership in Action: Healing.

Why are these topics important? In psychology trauma is defined as a person’s emotional response to a deeply disturbing or distressing experience. According to the National Council for Behavioral Health 70% of adults in the U.S. have experienced some type of traumatic event at least once in their lives. That’s 223.4 million people. Experiencing traumatic events shape our response to daily life and decision-making.

The first section of the book, Healing and Wholeness, will showcase how traumatic events helped build resilience amongst a group of women in leadership. Trauma served as a spark for them to use their voice in stronger ways, advocate for others, and fuel their own journey of self-love and discovery. It also follows their journey to healing. Healing, allowed them to intentionally connect to and manifest their higher self, inspire, connect and uplift others. The book highlights how healing opens up the door to fully accept ourselves. We can come to a place of resonating with what is us instead of trying to be, or be liked by, someone else. The power of healing put into action leads to great leadership.

We hope the experiences of trauma, healing, self-love and discovery featured in this book will bolster and inspire you. Our desire is that you amplify your inner voice, learn from these amazing leaders, and create a path for your liberated leadership.

We encourage you to be on the lookout for more newsletters about the upcoming book, Becoming Change Makers: The Exquisite Path to Leadership and Liberation for Women of Color, launching at the end of Spring 2023.

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