Our Partners

Generally, we seek to work with individuals, groups and organizations who desire to transform their community around a shared vision. Whether you are a block club, community center, policymaker, school, church, hospital, police department, or foundation, we provide varying levels of support and services based on your community’s needs and resources. BECOME’s work is supported through donations, grants, fee-for-service projects, or some combination, thereof.

General Outcomes from BECOME’s Services:

  • More success in programming
  • More connections & stronger bonds
  • More resources for organizations and communities
  • Increased capacity to gather and use data for advocacy
  • Systems change supporting community progress
  • More funding

Concerned Citizens

We help community members and resident groups come together to create a collective vision, solve local persistent social problems, such as violence, health disparities, declining education and poverty, and actualize their dream for their community. The power to transform our communities and conditions is within each one of us – the people. Each community resident has talent, wisdom and experience that provides a key piece to the solution and the path to realizing a thriving community. If you are interested in making a change in your community, partner with us. Together, we could start a community engagement initiative in your community or work to help an organization in your neighborhood become more effective. Either way, our partnership will lead to community building in a way that the community as a whole takes its destiny and well-being into its own hands. Are you ready to realize the full potential of your community? Contact us today!

For Example: Community Organizing
We facilitate group discussions that create an environment in which synergies happen, great ideas emerge, and groups move forward together. One way we have used facilitation is to build community cohesion and bolster civic engagement among community members, local stakeholders, and nonprofit leaders. The conversation sparked an awareness among citizens to learn how to advocate for the right policies and laws to be in place to better support the community’s needs.


BECOME works with organizations to enhance the effectiveness of institutions and organizations to make change that is grounded in equity, community collaboration and cultural strengths. Is your organization succeeding in achieving its mission? Whether you are a small community-based, grassroots nonprofit, government agency, or large foundation or hospital, we will work with you to build on your strengths, achieve better outcomes, enhance your relationship with the communities you serve and more powerfully reach a shared vision with your community. This could mean more resources and certainty in the achievement of your purpose. A key place to start would be to evaluate your program(s). To learn more, contact us.

For Example: Community Hospitals
Some hospitals may have to reduce services or shut down due to dwindling funds, limited resources, financial mismanagement or reports of poor service. Our culturally responsive methods allow us to evaluate practices to identify where there are strengths, weaknesses, inefficiencies, and areas that need to be corrected to better serve their local community.

Decision Makers

Legislators and local community leaders alike have the power to transform conditions or maintain a status quo. If you are a decision maker who is interested is real sustainable change towards justice and thriving communities, we will partner with you from grassroots initiatives to policy formation rooted in the principles and values that lead to happy, healthy children, families and individuals. Because we view everything through a social justice, racial equity lens, this allows us to see root problems and solutions differently. We can help you uncover the real strengths and weaknesses within your community that will lead to true change. Contact us today!

For Example: Making Community Connections
Too often politics and policies are disconnected from the lives and needs of community members. When grounded in lived experience and responsive to underlying needs and resident voices, those decisions can turn into powerful outcomes for people’s lives. Our community needs and assets assessments, including robust one-on-one interviews and generative community forums, will help to ensure resident voices, strengths and needs are leading the way towards responsive policy and justice. Further, our sociopolitical evaluation services can also help to learn how effective legislation is on the ground.

Some of Our Current and Past Partners