Black Men and Boys Success

Chicago has a history of deeply rooted, racial segregation, impacting every system that Black men and boys interface with on a regular basis. Furthermore, life expectancy varies substantially across 77 community areas of Chicago, with a 15-year gap between racially divided neighborhoods. The Black Men and Boys Success Initiative, a collaborative project led by Fathers, Families and Healthy Communities, and assisted by Stanhope Consulting and BECOME, convened and heard from over 100 Black men, boys and women on their experiences of injustice and inequity in different areas of men’s and boys’ lives. They identified root causes and systemic barriers in education, the criminal justice system, and other systems while imagining a way to transform their reality. In the first quarter of 2019, we will release the Black Men and Boys Success report illustrating the profound need for revolutionary action. We look forward to sharing the results and working toward change together!

Read the 2020 report here: Black Men and Boys Success Report