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“This was an excellent conference to be a part of on cultural competence. One of the reasons it was outstanding is we were in the room together, and able to borrow off of each other, learn from each other’s experience, the ups and downs, our own culture and other cultures and face the reality of where our weaknesses are, and where we need to strengthen ourselves so we can go up the continuum of cultural competence.” – Khaleelah Muhammed

Over the years, we’ve learned critical lessons – in school and on the ground – that help us to assist families, organizations and communities to grow and develop. We offer trainings on:

  • Wellness
  • Interpersonal cultural competence
  • Organizational cultural competence
  • Organizational leadership
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Program Evaluation
  • Team Effectiveness

Our trainings are designed to help all participating individuals, organizations, and communities reach their potential.

We also get the word out about what we’re learning through writing, publishing, and meeting with key people in the community.

Recently we’ve provided training to Public Allies of Chicago, Playworks, and members of Strengthening Chicago’s Youth, among other partners.