Organizational Development

“[Their] philosophy is ‘to become’ and [they] really did help us to become better.” – St. Malachy School Principal Brigid Miller

Systems and cultures are complex. In our challenging nonprofit world, concerns can get missed, or issues arise that lead to an organization doing things that get in the way of accomplishing its mission.

Become helps analyze and develop new infrastructure for organizations. In our organizational development work, we:

  • Work toward leadership and personnel being more interdependent and supportive
  • Craft policies and systems tailored to each organization’s specific needs
  • Help organizations create a culture where staff feel motivated to come to work and supported in thriving in their careers and inspired in their personal lives.

At St. Malachy School on the Near West Side of Chicago, for example, we implemented a training program to assist in building on organizational strengths in serving their youth with a focus on culture.