Through our mission-focused Culturally Responsive Community Development and our fee-for-service work (Service With a Purpose program, SWAP), we partner with communities and build residents’, leaders’ and organizations’ capacity to assess and solve the problems in their community effectively.

We believe the answers to many community problems can be found within the community itself. We support community members’ efforts to care for and support each other and help institutions and policy makers succeed in their mission of helping create thriving communities. Our services include:

  • Dynamic program evaluation
  • Training and knowledge dissemination
  • Needs and assets assessment
  • Facilitation
  • Coalition building
  • Organizational development

Our Culturally Responsive Community Development work is a holistic long-term approach to work in-depth with a single community combining all of these approaches. In our SWAP work, we can provide partners with a single service, combine several approaches, or craft an engagement around a package of services.