25Nov 2017

How I Fell in Love: A Story of a Mom and Baby Dominica McBride On February 29th, 2016, I was on the corner of Dearborn and Randolph in downtown Chicago, walking from one meeting to another when fluid began to gush down my legs uncontrollably – my water broke. I immediately hailed a cab, told […]

07Aug 2017

by Revolution MacInnes Why Become? I know from my own experience that the difference between persevering and being lost is sometimes an infinitesimal distinction. Most people don’t think their life situation is going to fall apart, and neither did I. But it did. I wound up homeless and on the street, and utilizing the local shelter […]

09Nov 2015

Our “Taking it to the Next Level” workshop series is coming this December and we are proud to welcome presenter Parke Ballentine. Parke’s talent and professionalism have proved invaluable for Become. She has helped our organization on many levels. Take a moment and scroll up to look at the new logo that she created with us. Marketing that Matters […]

25Oct 2015

“Only true Love overcomes everything” (unknown). This is my life credo and I try to live it out as I move on in my attempts of bringing light into everything I do. Whatever continent or culture I am in, I feel responsibility for being a global citizen by serving in a way I can, to […]

26Jan 2015

by Alicia Anderson When I was younger I once heard the analogy that life, in America especially, is like a foot race.  Some races and ethnicities, specifically African Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities, were held at the start line for several hundred years while others were allowed a head start.  At the time that […]

23Dec 2014

In the past couple of weeks, I have been watching with great interest the news coverage of the protests of the two recent grand jury decisions in New York City and Ferguson, Missouri.  In at least the local coverage of Chicago protests immediately after both decisions, the visual images I saw were of a lot […]

18Jun 2014

It’s no surprise to hear that America today is becoming diverse at a rapid rate. Taking this fact and digging deeper to understand how it impacts our lives, however, is more complex to grasp. The United States Census Bureau predicts that in 2043, there will no longer be a majority ethnic group. In fact, at […]

24Apr 2014

A large portion of Become’s work is centered on program evaluation, which is used to learn the effects of a program or effort and improve that impact for the recipients. In order to maximize the results, however, Become uses certain principles, including empowerment, community engagement, truth, and social justice. These are not principles traditionally found in […]

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