Our Story



In 2013, Dr. Dominica McBride drew on her training and vision of culturally responsive practice and community psychology to found Become.

Violence in Haiti pushed her mother from her country and forced her family to start anew in the US, without a community. She experienced overt racism that made her feel separate within the neighborhood in which she lived. These experiences showed her the necessity of community and family cohesion. Thus, she has dedicated her life to uniting people and amplifying the impact of existing structures so communities can be whole and a place where families grow healthy and strong.

While working on her doctorate, she experienced the power of evaluation as she helped an HIV-prevention organization in Tanzania enhance their services and save more lives. She also saw the potential of collaboration in her experiences with program development and coalition building. She learned how people come together to create and broaden sustained outcomes and found she could unite others to enhance community-based efficacy. She started Become out of her experience and sense that we need to start where communities are at, value what they have and build on their resources and assets.

Our Name

To become means to begin to be, and being something shows up in both presence and action. The end result of becoming is the full manifestation of our hopes and dreams.

For a person to become something, they must adopt a certain mindset, then take action to manifest their vision. Become reflects its board and staff members’ mindset and collective action to help marginalized communities Become places for healthy, thriving people.

Our Values

Become seeks to link means with ends, processes with aspirations, plans with concrete outcomes, and progress with community.

We believe that:

  • People and communities already have the power to create the conditions they seek. Our role is to facilitate and support their empowerment.
  • We need to speak and live the whole truth for healing and lasting social change to happen.
  • No person or organization can realize social change alone. We must come together and collaborate.
  • The best work is needed for people to flourish and reach their potential, so we strive for excellence.