Our work is grounded in Culturally Responsive Practice 

We ground our collaboration, training, and program evaluation work in Culturally Responsive Practice so individuals, organizations, and communities can use their strengths and resources to thrive by:

  • Placing community members at the center of planning, development and evaluation processes
  • Recognizing and facilitating community empowerment
  • Understanding communities as people who share lived experiences
  • Rooting our work in, respecting, and uplifting the culture of the community

From our background and professional experience as community psychologists, evaluators, and community organizers, we look at and address the individual in relation to the community and the community’s impact on its people. The community is made up of people, institutions, the built and natural environment, and systems, influenced by culture, policy and leadership.

What do we mean by culture?

Culture is the fabric of life, the theme that runs through humanity. Culture is how people in a group relate to themselves, things, and others, as influenced by shared norms, values, language, beliefs, practices, rituals, traditions, and the like. It often guides behaviors, cognitions, decisions, institutions, and governances. Taking into account the culture of the people, institutions and communities involved in the evaluation or project is essential to understanding the people and context for change.