karina“Only true Love overcomes everything” (unknown). This is my life credo and I try to live it out as I move on in my attempts of bringing light into everything I do. Whatever continent or culture I am in, I feel responsibility for being a global citizen by serving in a way I can, to people who are in need. I think it is much better to make changes than to talk about them.

When joining Become, I became a part of organization which puts Love as the centerpiece of its mission. I think this is the best value that any organization could ever claim. Even though I have just joined the team of devoted passionate people with their unique stories and motives to serve others, I am in a state of great excitement to contribute and learn as much as I can from our work together.

When coming to Chicago from a different country and culture, one can “drown” in cultural shock experiences because of immense diversity of different kinds. I am not an exception, but I am glad to be in the heart of American true culture. The experience of living within different cultures is a great platform for learning world wisdom, and it requires time. However, virtues do not have boundaries or cultural differences.

Let’s come back to the concept of love among people in Chicago.  I think that social, economic and educational segregation that exists in the city is the result of decades of misunderstanding and unwillingness to share knowledge, opportunities and support with each other. Taking this information into consideration, we should not be surprised or blame anyone because of people’s aggression. Whatever problem exists around us, it is very likely influenced by our behavior and worldview. Sharing love in small steps by expressing kindness and attention when needed can bring big hope for restoration of relationships in peoples’ hearts.  I want you to think about “how much” love you get and give…

Love others and be loved.



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