becomemodelA large portion of Become’s work is centered on program evaluation, which is used to learn the effects of a program or effort and improve that impact for the recipients. In order to maximize the results, however, Become uses certain principles, including empowerment, community engagement, truth, and social justice. These are not principles traditionally found in evaluation processes, but they are deemed necessary in striving for sustainable social change. Become’s evaluation consists of a multilevel model that is designed to:

                1) address persistent social injustice to move towards a society where all are empowered and have an equal opportunity to a happy and healthy life,

                2) respond to the various cultural and contextual influences that affect communities, organizations, and programs,

                3) ensure the utilization of valid evaluation findings for the improvement of programs and initiatives,

                4) build the capacity of individuals and organizations to effectively serve (help empower) their communities, and

                5) help all individuals in the process realize their potential and move further in their own personal growth and wellbeing.

All of these levels are applied at different phases during which the evaluation model is customized to ensure maximum impact. In adopting Become’s evaluation model, those affected and/or interested in the program being evaluated will play a role in the process by contributing to decision making, evaluation planning and implementation, as well as report writing. At the end of the process, organizations and communities are better equipped to thrive. Organizations have evidence of their impact that could be used to attain additional funding. Community members are better prepared to create desired change in their communities and lessons are learned and spread that can spark larger social change.

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